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  • Jeremiah Gardens Organic Co-op

    Next order begins Thursday, April 18 and closes at midnight Saturday April 20 for pick-up Tuesday April 23. We strongly urge you to join our Facebook group. To get the latest updates on the co-op, please join our Facebook group. If you're unable to join, friend Leah http://www.facebook.com/dittobrooks and then request to join. Thank you!

    We invite you to join our bi-monthly organic co-op in Deltona. Our goals are simple: to have a wide array of Florida Grown Organic Produce at the best prices possible. The 80/20 rule is what we aspire to do: 80% local, if available, or regional, if not. The 20% will include items that are simply not grown in our region, such as apples. Eating and buying local does make a difference! It is better for your physical health, the environment and the economic health of our community too! We source the best local organic produce at the cheapest prices possible.

    In order to join the co-op there will be a yearly $10.00 fee due when you place our first order. This fee is due on Jan. 1 of every subsequent year. In addition, there will be a small $3 fee per order to help cover delivery driver costs.

    ORDERING Order produce the 1st & 3rd week of the month. Produce pick up is on the 2nd & 4th week of the month. No ordering/pick-up on the 5th week of a month with 5 weeks. . Call Leah if you need special arrangements: 386-473-2638.

    IF YOU ARE a first-time orderer, we may call you to verify your order and make sure you come and pick it up. There may be extras and they will be available to purchase when you pick up your order. We ask for your support by checking the table and purchasing extra items to reduce possible loss. Prices and availability of produce can fluctuate between ordering and receiving the order.

    FEES - $10 yearly fee per calendar year. $3 delivery fee per order PICKING UP

    PRODUCE - Your order will be ready for pick up on the 2nd & 4th Tuesdays of the month from 4pm to 7pm. Once we get started these hours may be extended. If for any reason you cannot pick up your order you must call (386) 473-2638 and let us know. If you need a special arrangement, please contact us directly and we will see what we can do!

    THINK GREEN. Please bring bags with you to take home your produce.

    LOCATION River of Life Church of Volusia, 130 Garfield Rd., Enterprise 386-473-2638.

    PAYMENT - All orders must be paid for by check or cash at time of pick up. Please note that we may not have change, so checks are best. Make the checks out to Leah Brooks.

    QUANTITIES If you order 4# of sweet potatoes, you may end up with 4.25#. Trying to divide 50# of sweet potatoes perfectly evenly will drive us crazy...and be impossible to do. That goes for all the veges except easy ones like green beans and prebagged produce.

    PLEASE NOTE: By co-op day prices may change as the price changes at the market on Mondays. We cannot control the price changes & apologize if the price does increase.

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    1. Nancy Coogler's Avatar
      Nancy Coogler -
      I think my order finally went through this time. Thank you Leah!
    1. Leah's Avatar
      Leah -
      I see it Nancy--yay!!
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